Join the inaugural cohort of Citizen Schools Maker Fellows.

Citizen Schools, in partnership with community colleges, historically black colleges and universities, is proud to launch its Maker Fellows initiative. This program is designed to connect K-12 students to maker-centered learning opportunities that help students build the academic and social-emotional skills key to their success in school, post-secondary enrollment, and workforce placement.

Become a Maker Fellow and advance the unique learning and social outcomes that can be achieved when communities support maker-centered learning. Together we will inspire academic and emotional growth that will lead to broader levels of innovation, economic competitiveness and equity for generations in the future.

Maker Fellows will be placed with host sites across the country and will become team members of Citizen Schools’ national field-building division, Makers + Mentors Network. Please see the host-site program description for more information on each site. Maker Fellows will:

  • Facilitate and lead maker-centered learning programming directly with K-12 students, in partnership with schools, volunteers, maker-spaces and post-secondary institutions
  • Support on the design of new maker-centered learning programming
  • Lead outreach and recruitment of local partners, including schools and post-secondary institutions, as well as volunteers necessary for the successful delivery of program
  • Build new tools and systems for host-sites to scale their making programming, including communication tools
  • Learn & build proficiency with STEM technologies necessary to facilitate learning opportunities with youth

Maker Fellows will receive unique training from leading organizations in maker-centered learning and STEM education. Fellows will develop a deep local network amongst leading educational institutions and companies. This will create relationships and connections that can be built upon for years in future job and professional development opportunities. As a Maker Fellow, you will be individually recognized through communications and marketing pieces for your service and the important work you are advancing. By the end of your fellowship, you will be a leader and champion of maker-centered learning and mentorship for underserved students and will possess a strong network of relationships for future growth.

Maker-centered learning provides a unique chance for students to explore the real world through designing, hacking, building, and experimenting, through the use of digital design and fabrication technologies and makerspaces. Maker-centered learning builds student agency, creativity, problem-solving and teambuilding skills and engages students at the intersection of STEM, design and the arts. You may still be a strong applicant even if you don’t have much experience with making. Candidates who are a strong fit for this service opportunity will demonstrate a passion for technology and design and for promoting equal access to high quality educational opportunities. You can learn more about maker-centered learning, click here.

Every Maker Fellow is placed with a local organization, college or university to support STEM Education and maker-centered learning. This Maker Fellow service opportunity is placed at Folsom Lake College Innovation Center.

Folsom Lake College Innovation Center

This Maker Fellow Position is hosted by the Innovation Center at Folsom Lake College (FLC). Folsom Lake College , one of four community colleges in the Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD). Located in the greater Sacramento metropolitan region of California, Los Rios colleges provide educational opportunities for a fast-growing area with an estimated population of 2.3 million. Folsom Lake College serves a diverse student population at their main campus in Folsom, and at outreach centers in Placerville and Rancho Cordova.

The Innovation Center is a discipline agnostic, general education makerspace, providing support and resources for a diverse community of makers. We have a comprehensive prototyping lab, with a variety of tools, equipment, and materials, including 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines; a fiber arts area with two digital embroidery machines; a digital recording studio; and innovative biomaterials, aquaponics, Internet of Things, fermentation science – we’ve got a microbrewery! - and drone projects underway.

The Innovation Center is committed to Making Across the Curriculum, an effort to infuse maker-centered learning into all disciplines at the college, and to supporting the regional maker ecosystem. The Innovation Center is a Making Spaces Regional Hub, through a joint program of Maker Ed and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. In that role, we are actively involved in community building and support for regional K-12 schools as they advance their maker education efforts.

The Maker Fellows hosted at the Innovation Center will have two primary and overlapping areas of responsibility: A) Develop and align high school career education pathways, FLC’s Guided Pathways initiatives, and Innovation Center programs and services, and B) Support ongoing development of the Sacramento area regional K-12 maker-centered learning ecosystem.

Our makerspace can be found online at, and @flcmakerspace on Instagram. To read about our projects, prototypes, and experiments, visit

As an AmeriCorps member serving with Citizens Schools, you will be part of a diverse team of caring adults dedicated to transforming learning opportunities for students from underserved communities. You will be performing an extraordinary act of citizenship by helping the nation to address one of its greatest challenges — the education of our youth in ways that promote self belief, college readiness, and the skills needed to achieve their dreams. Your commitment to service will lead to a better future for students across the nation and immeasurable growth for you too.

Service for Maker Fellows will begin with summer training in early August, an intensive learning program designed to provide you with the skills needed to successfully serve students from underserved communities and to deliver high-quality maker-centered programming.


It takes a special person to commit to one year of national service. You’ll be tackling one of our nation’s greatest challenges and working side by side with community members to meet the challenges that often limit college and career opportunities for marginalized students.

Before applying, please consider the following qualifications, skills, and experiences that we have found lead to success as an AmeriCorps member serving with youth from underserved communities. No one candidate will meet every criteria; however, it is a good exercise to review the full list of qualifications before submitting an application. If you believe you have “what it takes”, please submit an application. We are excited to hear from you and each application will be carefully reviewed and acknowledged by a member of our team.

  • Knowledge of and commitment to the Citizen Schools’ mission to serve students in low-income communities
  • Experience working or volunteering with youth
  • Passion for impacting the lives of students
  • Desire to work with students and families in underserved communities
  • Comfort and experience working with computers, software applications, and equipment such as printers and displays.
  • Passion for coaching and mentoring others to achieve their goals
  • Ability to solicit, receive and internalize both positive and adjusting feedback
  • Commitment to teamwork and collaboration with colleagues from diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to build high-quality connections with students, colleagues, and community members
  • Outstanding communication skills and ability to advocate for your point of view and to influence others
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize competing priorities in ways that advance high-quality outcomes
  • Experience with community advocacy and leadership
  • Ability to demonstrate Citizen Schools’ values each day: Confidence, Curiosity, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Perseverance, Teamwork

Please Note: You must meet these educational requirements in order to apply to be a Maker Fellow.

  • Credit Hours: Successful completion of at least 60 credit hours or equivalent at an accredited post-secondary institution (community college, college or university). Credit hours are calculated based on the standard 1 credit hour per hour spent in class each week during a semester.
  • GPA: Achievement of a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

If you are interested in serving and do not meet the education requirement, please take a look at our school support positions. Please note that the position locations may vary.


Maker Fellows each receive an annual living stipend of $23,550 paid out in bi-weekly installments of $905.77. Please note that the annual living wage is subject to tax.

In addition to this stipend, Maker Fellows are eligible to receive these benefits while they are serving or upon successful completion of at least 1700 hours of service each year.

  • Segal Education Award of $6,195 for each completed year of service (there are hundreds of schools that match the Education Award, $6,000+)
  • Forbearance of Student Loans for qualified loans during your period of service
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance is provided to you free of charge for the duration of your service
  • Childcare Benefits to assist with the costs of childcare during your period of service
  • National Network of AmeriCorps Members who are available to support you during your service period and afterward
  • Leadership Development and other professional learning opportunities

The following link can be used to access additional information about the compensation and benefits available to AmeriCorps members serving at Citizen Schools.


Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by the end of May for service opportunities beginning over the summer of 2020. This will ensure your ability to fully participate in training with members of your cohort. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We will review and confirm receipt of your applications within two weeks of submission.


Physical, Environmental and Health & Safety Requirements

Serving as a Maker Fellow with Citizen Schools requires members to be able to meet essential requirements of the position within the following categories:

  • Physical Requirements: Frequent movement and physical abilities to perform writing, communication and visual responsibilities are key in this service role.
  • Health and Safety: Ability to maintain safety and respond to safety situations that commonly occur in schools, on community college campuses and when delivering programming in the maker space.
  • Environmental Conditions: Serving in an urban community setting comes with exposure to many environmental factors.
  • Technology/Equipment Use: Once Maker Fellows receive training, they should be able to demonstrate proficiency in maker space equipment and technologies.

Please click here to learn more or contact a member of our recruitment team

Use of Criminal Background Checks

If you are selected to serve as a Maker Fellow you will be required to submit to a check of your criminal history and of the national registry of sexual offenders.

Additional information about the background checks required by the Corporation for National and Community Service is available here. You review the CCNS’ policies on the use of information collected from background checks.

In addition to the requirements set by CNCS, Citizen Schools and it’s local partners have separate policies on the use of information collected from background checks. We will not ask you about any criminal convictions during the interview process. Please contact a member of our HR team who can direct you to resources available in your local community which can help you to better anticipate whether or not your criminal history could affect your ability to serve.

You will be provided with a Pre-Adverse Action Notice in the event that information obtained from your background check may impact your ability to serve. This notice gives you the opportunity to provide us with additional information and context before a decision is made about your ability to serve.

These policies are in place for the purpose of keeping the children we work with safe.


Citizen Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, cultural heritage, ancestry, political belief, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability or veteran status. Citizen Schools is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act and we are committed to making special accommodations for your interview or work as a member of our team.

If specific accommodations are needed during your interview, and/or you have longer-term accommodation needs in order to fulfill the essential functions of this service opportunity, please contact a member of our team at (617) 695-2300 ext. 1290 and a member of our Human Resources team will work with you to accommodate your needs.